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_LARTISTE Andrew YangAndrew Yang
Oeuvre Kwubos, 2006 Oeuvre ABRT, 2005 Oeuvre Lunchin, 2005
Oeuvre Mosquito Revenge, 2006 Oeuvre Rain of Crab, 2006 Oeuvre C.P. Twin Body, 2006
Oeuvre Ostrica Gigante, 2006 Oeuvre Musing, 2005 Oeuvre Warden, 2006
Oeuvre Cglam, 2006 Oeuvre Vyenca 1c Oeuvre Mur Mur, 2006
Comments on the artistCOMMENTS
jaime vreiment sa ton art ses malade
svp di moi le parce que j'ai des recherche a faire sur toi toi et toi
mais ses quoi ou tu habitte?????????????
I would like to know the price of your paintings
j'adore! bravo,j'espere encore en voir d'autres...
good stuff are you in montreal? contact me: elvitproductions@hotmail.com
C'est oeuvre sont géniales ^_^ jadore
J'adore, j'en ai d'ja 3 illustration sur mes murs.
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Oeuvre Musing, 2005Musing, 2005
Oeuvre Musing, 2005

See Ostrica Gigante, 2006Enlarge Musing, 2005See Warden, 2006
Size : 33 cm x 48 cm, (13" x 19")
Mediums : Illustration on vinyl
Information on the artistINFORMATION
Andrew "Stitchmind" Yang began his artistic life in San Francisco, CA toying in Illustration before moving onto design. His nickname is based off the idea that the memories can be repaired and everything that a person goes through in life is a learning experience.

The subject of these images is the manifestation of emotional stresses and pleasures. Andrew uses his work to bring these emotions to life, in the form of one or more characters. Creatures with identity where of whom has a name, a story, and a depth which transcends its form and color. The creatures are an attempt to capture the moment an emotion is felt so strongly it becomes practically personified to the point where it seems almost real and

The characteristics of these creatures border the lines between the pleasant and cute with the grotesque or unlikable, illustrating the natural balance and conflict of positive and negative within all things in the world. The art is intended as a reminder that the true beauty of life lies in the experience of both emotions that are savored and enjoyed alongside thoughts which would rather be ignored. This oddity of combining attractive elements with the unnatural or bizarre triggers a multitude of both good and bad sensations tearing across the mind. The creatures may amuse, comfort, chill or disgust: they will invoke *feeling. *As the series has evolved it has begun to explore and touch upon the subject of this Impressive emotional range.

The Pieces are created with a wide range of mediums spanning the modern digital and the traditional realms, bridging the gap between curious new technology and traditionally revered methods. Pieces are created using paint on canvas, digital prints, or a literally "cutting edge" method of slicing and layering vinyl.
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